Argonauta 26 Trimaran
Fast and Comfortable,  trailerable 26 foot trimaran by Designer Dick Newick and Tremolina Boats
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What kind of towing capacity do I need to trailer it?      
      It isn't too heavy, probably 2500 lbs including the trailer. I can be pulled by a fairly robust family car, it just needs a well attached hitch with a reciever and 2" ball. Some heavy duty shocks in the rear might be helpful. Anything bigger than that, a Pickup, SUV will have no problem.

How fast does it go?
      I don't really know, It has been said it can go up to about 18 mph in a good wind. I have measured it at 13 mph and I'm sure it went faster than that when I wasn't measuring

How long does the Torqeedo motor run on a fully charged bank of batteries?
      At high throttle settings, the batteries are consumed faster, and at low settings, they last a long long time. The consumption is expotential, so If you need to go a long way, you can go slow and go much further.  The Torqeedo motor is computer driven, and has built in smarts to conserve battery power. The display on the throttle control can be set to show wattage being used in real time, or battery % fullness, or range at the current rate. It also shows your current speed at all times.  At full throttle, with the batteries that are aboard now, (You can use larger ones) it will get about 2 hours at better than 6 mph. at a lower throttle setting, you might get as much as 10 hours, at a lower speed like 4 mph. Depending on how far you need to go, you can optimize your speed to get there. To find out more about the Torqeedo check this ste: Torqeedo
Can one person launch the boat, go sailing and retrieve it all single handed?
     Yes, the boat is well suited for that, stepping the mast with the electric hoist, unfolding and folding the hulls, and operating the sails are easy, the roller furling and all the lines coming to the center cockpit make for an easy single handed sail!

$36,000 ?  will you take less?
     This is a unique boat and a lot has gone into it to make it what it is. This is exactly the kind of boat I want and I do not want to give it up. I had it for sale for $32,000 for two years and no one bought then so I raised the price because I consider myself lucky that I didn't sell it then!  There were a few close calls though. It is worth more to me now because I sold my other multihull. I am in no hurry to sell this one now, but I still have this nice website  so It will only go to someone who likes it as much as me.  With the value of the dollar going down, and inflation going up, I think a boat like this will hold its value better than cash. It could be that in a year or two from now, this boat will be worth more than it is now.  I hope that answers the question.

Where is the boat located if  want to see it?
    The boat is located on the south coast  (Near Corpus Christi). use the contact tab to get in touch and I will or reply to you as soon as possible.